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Hudson Valley's Most Trusted Since 1986.




At Jones Services, we have helped scores of people with drain cleaning of clogged drains since 1986. When you choose us, you will have peace of mind knowing that your drain will be cleaned right the first time. We will locate the exact source of the clog and use advanced drain cleaning technology to clear that clog so your plumbing can function the way it should. Please don’t try the common do-it-yourself fix of using a plunger, because that can actually make your problem worse. If you use chemicals, they can damage your pipes and fixtures, and even your skin and clothing.

Clogged drains can put a damper on your day – literally. Clogs can result in leaks, overflowing, and other damages to your plumbing system. If you are experiencing frequent clogs, you should call Jones Services as soon as possible to schedule maintenance.

Common Clogged Drain Problems

  • Outside clogs. When it rains very heavily, debris such as dirt and leaves can clog an outside drain. Typically, these types of drains are not equipped to be able to deal with large water volumes, and as a result, can become blocked very easily.
  • Foreign objects and debris. Hair, soap, fats, and food can build up over time and create a clog between your drainpipe and pipes. At first, they will stem the flow of your water before finally stopping that flow completely. Sanitary items and the use of too much toilet paper are common causes of toilet clogs.
  • Broken pipes. If a pipe breaks, it can collapse and cause a blocked drain. Tree roots, improper installation, and age are some of the typical causes of a broken pipe. You will need a service professional to determine the source of the problem if you have this type of blockage.
  • Root damage. As tree roots continue to grow and spread out underground, they get thirsty. In their search for water, it’s likely that they may break into your pipes. Hard Water Buildup.
  • Hard water has high mineral content. These minerals can build up over time and cause blockages in your system.

Signs You Need Rooter Service

  • Slow Drains. Every day we accidentally introduce materials into the drains that we shouldn’t. Outside forces can cause a clog as well – like tree roots or sediment buildup. These can affect
  • Clogged Drain. Unlike a partial clog that slows down the drainage, a clog blocks drainage completely and can even cause a back-up.
  • Multiple Clogs at Once. A clogged sink or toilet can be extremely inconvenient, but they are typically a quick fix. You can always use another sink or toilet until a rooter professional arrives to solve the problem. If you are experiencing multiple clogs at once in your home, then you should schedule service right away. If your sinks, tub, and toilet are all out of order at the same time, it can be a burden.
  • Strange Fixture Interactions. If a clog or blockage occurs in your sewer line, you may notice that your plumbing fixtures react to each other in a strange way. Maybe your toilet grumbles when you turn on your washing machine, or your toilet backs up every time you turn on the dishwasher. No matter the interaction, it could be a serious sign of a clog in your system. Call Jones Services to schedule rooter service.

Emergency Drain Cleaning Services

  • Sewer cleaning. Sewer lines can easily be blocked by debris and tree roots, causing a nightmare when sewage backs up into a home or basement. Jones Services uses the most advanced technology available to clear these particularly stubborn obstructions.
  • Plumbing snake. At Jones Services we have a variety of snake cables and machines that will fit practically every size of the drain, so we can clear any blockage that you may be experiencing.
  • Drain camera/pipeline video inspection. In order to determine the source of particularly troublesome obstructions, we use this advanced technology.
  • Water Jetting. A high pressured stream of water is introduced you your pipes through a small, specialized hose.  This gently and safely helps to clear clogs and obstructions in your system.

For all of your rooter needs, call Jones Services today!

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