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When you are in need of Home Generator Repair Services, you can trust the experts at Jones Services to perform the correct Home Generator Repair service at an honest price. Our licensed technicians have the skills, knowledge, and tools to fix your Home Generator Repair problems on the spot and have been background checked, certified and insured.

Before your Jones Services service technician arrives, we will notify you in advance. Then, when your local Jones Services technician comes to your home, they will work with you to explain all of your options before starting repairs so you can make informed decisions before any work begins. We service and repair almost all brands and age of equipment, so you can trust us to perform professional Home Generator Repair services at honest prices. Call us today at (845) 295-3887 or Contact Us to see how we can help you with your Home Generator Repair needs 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, including after hours and for emergency services.

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Why It’s Important to Repair Your Home Generator with Jones Services

Jones Services Provides High-Quality Home Generator Repair Services Near Goshen, New York.
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Expert Whole Home Generator Repair Services You Can Rely On From Jones Services

Your Whole Home Generator is an essential component to your Goshen, NY home and is crucial in keeping you and your family prepared in the event of a power outage emergency. Power outages are entirely unpredictable since they usually happen due to an outage or a particularly bad New York storm so it’s important that your Whole Home Generator is in perfect working condition for when the time comes and an outage occurs. If your Whole Home Generator is not working and you are in need of repair services, you can rely on the pros at Jones Services to get it up and running well again! At Jones Services, we offer Whole Home Generator Repair Services that ensure your generator can weather any storm that comes your way. Call us today to receive more information and even get a free price quote.

Benefits and Advantages of Expert Whole Home Generator Repair Services By Jones Services

When you entrust Jones Services for Expert Whole Home Generator Repair Services, you can rest assured that the job gets done right. Our team of specialists are expertly trained with the skills, tools, and knowledge that are required to accurately repair your whole home generator. Our number one priority is to make sure your Goshen, NY home’s whole home generator is repaired correctly and running seamlessly when you need it most. If you are in need of Expert Whole Home Generator Repair Services, you can count on Jones Services to get the job done as effectively as possible and never begin any work without your approval first. Call us today to receive more information, get your questions answered, and schedule an Expert Whole Home Generator Repair!

Signs That Your Whole Home Generator is in Need of Expert Repair Services From Jones Services

If your Whole Home Generator is experiencing one or more of the following symptoms, it is likely in need of professional repair from the pros at Jones Services:

No Electricity

The most obvious sign your Whole Home Generator requires repair is if it is not producing electricity. If your generator is failing to power anything in your Goshen, NY house, don’t panic – it can likely be repaired without any need to fully replace the unit.

Not Enough Power

If you find your electronics unable to run properly off your generator i.e. lights flickering, power to appliances or devices going in and out, etc. while using it, there is something wrong with your Whole Home Generator.

Start Up Delay

One of the most common symptoms of a Whole Home Generator failing is delays when starting up. Your generator can still work fine once it finally gets going, but these significant delays are indicative of imminent failure and should be professionally addressed by Jones Services as soon as possible.

Visible Damage

It is advised to thoroughly visually inspect your Whole Home Generator from time to time and take notes of issues such frayed wires and corrosion. If there is noticeable excessive damage, your generator may be in need of service.

Foul Smells

Your generator will only produce any kind of a smell in the event that there is something wrong. This can be due to something burning within the unit, a gas or exhaust leak, and other hazards. If your generator is producing any type of odor, call Jones Services immediately!

Odd Noises

Essentially, any time your generator makes itself noticeable, there is an issue – your Whole Home Generator should really just sit there until it needs to be used, not making any weird noises or smells or anything for that matter. If there is a mechanical or electrical problem within your Whole Home Generator, it will produce odd noises that are a symptom of a problem that will likely need to be repaired.

Causes of Whole Home Generator Failures and Subsequent Repairs

The only way to properly diagnose your Whole Home Generator failure is to have a professional from Jones Services inspect and evaluate your generator. With that being said, these are the most common reasons for a broken, failing, or malfunctioning Whole Home Generator:


Much like a car, if you fail to run your Whole Home Generator enough, this can actually result in damage to your generator. Many problems can arise from letting your generator sit for too long.

Mechanical Error

Like most appliances, your generator is made up of endless parts and components that are required for it to run properly. As your generator ages, parts such as the belt can become old and frayed and result in your generator failing or working improperly.

Wiring Errors

If the wiring from the generator to your home’s electricity are not installed correctly or for whatever reason, happen to get messed up at all, this can cause your generator to produce spotty power to the rest of your Goshen, NY house at best, and sometimes no power at all. This can be a relatively painless repair, but should still always be left up to a licensed Jones Services electrician to repair.

Gas and Fuel Issues

Oftentimes, the fuel lines on your Whole Home Generator can become damaged on accident, causing the generator to stop working. If this is the case, due to the dangerous nature of propane, it is crucial that you have a licensed Jones Services expert repair the issues as soon as humanly possible to avoid a major fire hazard.

Coolant Issues

Also similar to your car, due to the nature of the high temperatures that are produced, generators rely on coolant to help them not overheat. If your Whole Home Generator experiences a coolant leak for example, the whole system can overheat and shut down entirely.

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Do generators need maintenance?

Yes, generators need maintenance! It’s very important to have the proper maintenance done on your generator by a professional at Jones Services at least once a year. Keeping up your generator will ensure that everything is in working order and even extend the lifespan of your system.

How long will my generator last?

On average, generators should last about 20 years. It’s important to note that properly maintaining your generator will make all the difference in how well it performs and how long it lasts. Always have a professional from Jones Services perform your yearly generator maintenance.

Can I just plug my portable generator into an outlet?

The simple answer is no. The more detailed answer is no, because it is not only extremely dangerous but also illegal. Plugging your portable generator directly into a standard wall outlet can cause backfeeding into the utility lines that connect to your house, causing serious injury or even death to an unsuspecting utility worker who is working to restore power or downed utility lines. There’s also a risk that by connecting your portable generator to an electrical outlet that you can overload your circuits and cause a fire. Having a licensed professional install a transfer switch is the best way to prevent a disaster. A transfer switch will disconnect your home from the electrical grid while allowing your generator to power your home. Transfer switches come in manual and automatic options are recommended for both portable and standby generators.

What should I do if I have problems with my home generator?

If you’re having any issues with your generator, it’s important to shut it off immediately and contact a qualified service provider for assistance. It’s also important to make sure that your generator is regularly serviced and maintained according to manufacturer guidelines.

Are there any safety concerns related to repairing a home generator?

Yes. Always take proper safety precautions when working on generators and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Additionally, only hire qualified professionals who are familiar with the model of your generator and understand the local building codes and regulations regarding home generators.

What types of home generator repair services do you offer?

We provide a wide range of home generator repair services, including testing and diagnosing issues, performing routine maintenance and repairs, replacing parts, and providing troubleshooting advice. We also specialize in the installation of new generators.

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