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Leak Detection

Leaks are extremely time sensitiv, and leaving them alone for long periods of time can cause some serious damage to your home. It’s important that you don’t let that happen. And the easiest way for you to ensure your home stays damage-free is to catch a leak early on.

How do you do that? Well, you just have to look for the signs.

Common Leak Warning Signs

  1. You have an irregularly high water bill.
  2. You hear running water even though no fixtures are turned on.
  3. You see hot spots on the floors.
  4. You see cracks in the walls or floors.
  5. You have mildew or excessive moisture growing under the carpets.

Once you determine that you do have a leak, it’s vital that you call a Jones Services’ professional as soon as possible. You don’t want to leave leak detection and repair to just anyone after all.

And why not? Because at Jones, we take every measure possible to ensure our detection and repair won’t disrupt your property. Many leaks are located underground or beneath foundations, but that doesn’t mean we have to tear them apart to reach the leak.

Jones Services uses state-of-the-art leak detection methods to pinpoint the exact location and cause of the problem so we can take the best course of action for repair.

Leak Detection Methods

  1. Video detection is the method we like to use most often. It’s simple and straightforward, and gives us all the information we need quickly. We sent a fiber-optic cable down your pipes to get a clear picture of the problem area. Once we know that, we can go about the repair in the least destructive way possible.
  2. We could also use ultrasonic technology – or acoustic emission detection – to find your leak. What this does is allow our plumbers to detect sound loss in your pipes. Escaping liquids create an acoustic signal as they pass through holes in your pipes, and our experts detect and analyze that signal to find where the leak is.
  3. Another option we have for detection is with infrared technology. This uses temperature to locate the leak. The different temperatures that appear during our scan show where pipeline leaks are and where erosion voids are forming. And don’t worry about us reaching your leak – this technology reaches as deep as 30 meters below the ground surface.
  4. The method we would use as a last resort is smoke detection, which involves pumping harmless smoke into your pipes and looking to see where it escapes.


You can rest assured that one of these four methods will find any leak you have. We guarantee it!

Once the leak is found, the next step is to have it repaired. Then you have two options – slip lining or pipe bursting. Fortunately, neither of these options require any excavation of property, so you’ll be home-free on damage repair once again.

Pipe Repair Options

  1. Slip lining: This involves placing a smaller pipe within an existing pipe, completely eliminating the leak.
  2. Pipe bursting: If this is the option chosen, we will send a piece of equipment with a cone-shaped head into the pipe. That piece of equipment tears apart and pushes aside the old plumbing. Then, we attach new plumbing to the end of the device and pull it through the void, making your pipes like new!


No matter where the leak is, or what option is needed for repair, Jones Services is the company to choose. Call us today!


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