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Water Leak Repair


Unfortunately for homeowners everywhere, plumbing systems aren’t fault-proof and chances are you’ll experience a water leak at some point in your life.

Water leaks are caused by wear and tear, faulty installation, or an accidental puncture. They might not seem like they’d be all that harmful – it’s just a little water, right? Wrong! If left unattended for a long period of time, leaks can be extremely damaging to your home. It’s imperative, if you have a leak, that you act fast. Shut off your main water valve immediately, and then pick up the phone and call Jones Services.

Our water leak experts will repair the problem area quickly and effectively, pinpointing the exact source and getting the leak fixed fast.

Water Leak Repair Services

No matter what type of leak you are experiencing, our team of professionals will find it. Our leak repair services include:

  1. Leak detection
  2. Moisture readings
  3. Wall, ceiling, floor, and foundation leak damage repairs
  4. Basement crack repairs
  5. Plaster and drywall leak damage repairs


Water Leak Prevention Services

One great way to prevent water leaks is to take advantage of our routine water pipe inspections. This helps us track down potential problems so we can stop them from occurring. In addition, you could also schedule an annual pipe checkup. You never know what could be going on down there, so we’ll make sure everything is working as it should.

Water leaks are a real headache – don’t let one ruin your home. Let us take care of it for you. Call Jones Services today!


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