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Water Conditioners in Orange County, NY

Jones Services has been committed to providing our customers with only the best products since 1986. That is why we are proud to carry Water-Right water conditioners in Orange County, NY. Water-Right offers unsurpassed reliability and performance, guaranteeing hassle-free operation.

Here is a look at some of the Water-Right water softeners and conditioners we carry.

Sanitizer Plus Series in Orange County, NY

These conditioners are not only built with the most advanced electronics but also patented self-chlorinating technology. These conditioners not only remove iron and manganese from water, but they also raise low pH levels and soften water as well. It is a self-sanitizing system that controls odors caused by minor amounts of sulfur and nuisance bacteria. These nuisance bacteria are the same ones that produce that slimy coating within plumbing fixtures and toilet tanks and also produce foul smells.

Sanitizer Plus features include:

  • Single unit operation that eliminates the need for additional equipment or chemicals.
  • A “Check Salt” indicator that is not only visual but audible as well.
  • Protection from overruns.
  • Adjustable cycle sequence programming that saves both water and salt.
  • Advanced diagnostic and usage history screens.
  • Extended lithium battery backup.

Impression Plus Series in Orange County, NY

This product is designed for hard water systems, whether they are from the municipal water supply or from a well. The Impression series turns that hard water into soft, clear water. It also provides an easy-to-read LED screen and very user-friendly console that allows a user to monitor all operating functions. The series features a top tank flange for easy servicing as well as a sophisticated meter and monitors and self-adjusts regeneration cycles based on its analysis of a household’s water consumption.

Impression Series RC Conditioners in Orange County, NY

These conditioners not only soften water but remove chlorine as well. Its single-tank design results in less pressure drop, resulting in an extremely efficient and cost-effective operation that uses less water and energy.

FS Series Conditioners

Water-Right’s FS Series of conditioners deliver soft water of the highest quality, and at a price that will fit nearly every budget. Not only will you reap many benefits, including smoother skin, cleaner glassware, and softer laundry, you also use up to 50 percent less soap. Soft water increases the efficiency of your water-using appliances and also protects your plumbing system. Hard water can leave deposits that can result in appliances such as coffee makers, hot water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines needing frequent repairs.

CCR Series Conditioners

The CCR Series also removes minerals that cause hard water, and like the FS Series provides easy and worry-free operation. Your Jones Services professional will program the conditioner to meet your water needs.

About Jones Services

We have provided services since 1986, and our results – and the number of loyal and satisfied customers we have – speak for themselves. At Jones Services, we have more than 50 employees who are standing by to meet your plumbing, heating, electrical, air conditioning needs. We have the best service professionals in the tri-state area and we will ensure your job is completed effectively and efficiently, and your home will be treated with respect.

Jones Services water conditioners
Jones Services water conditioners

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