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Like air cleaners and humidifiers, ventilators also work to improve overall indoor air quality.   Ventilators provide heating and cooling ventilation solutions by blending indoor and outdoor air to find a temperature and comfort level that is just right.  This means the ventilator may heat or cool the air entering from the outside.  Ventilators are highly efficient in that they have the ability to at once heat, ventilate, and cool residential or commercial areas, all while providing healthy, fresh air.

Our certified, trained, and experienced professionals can help make ventilator installation simple and cost-effective.  There are many air quality improvement options, and we want to help ensure you choose the best for your specific needs.  Ventilators offer their own unique benefits and advantages.


  • Simultaneously heat, cool, and ventilate air: As mentioned above, ventilators are highly efficient and multifaceted systems that help keep air clean with a healthy flow.
  • Little to no duct work: This helps keep disruption during installation at a minimum, while also reducing overall costs.
  • Easily adjustable: Ventilators may be manually adjusted with ease depending on upon the specific indoor air quality and flow needs.
  • Easy maintenance: Like all air conditioning systems, ventilator filters must be cleaned and changed, but this can be accomplished with general ease and without a great deal of interruption.

Ventilators offer many benefits and provide valuable and efficient air service for your home or business. Jones Air Conditioning has been in the business of installation ventilator systems for nearly two decades.  We have the experience and cutting edge equipment and technology to ensure that installation is smooth, timely, and efficient.  You can expect excellent customer service and quality in addition to warranties on all products and services.  To make life easier, we also provide our customers with seasonal rebates plus service contract agreements and annual tune ups for ongoing maintenance.

Contact us today and let us know how we may assist you in your ventilator installation.

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