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Hudson Valley's Most Trusted Since 1986.



Clogged or Slow Drains, We Can Help!

At Jones Services, we have helped scores of people with drain clearing of clogged drains in Orange County, NY and the surrounding areas since 1986. Put our professional snake inspection experience to work for you so that you can make sure your drain will be cleaned right the first time. We will locate the exact source of the clog and use advanced drain clearing technology to clear that clog so your plumbing can function the way it should. Please don’t try the common do-it-yourself fix of using a plunger, because that can make your problem worse. If you use chemicals, they can damage your pipes and fixtures, and even your skin and clothing.

Common Clogged Drain Problems 

  • Outside clogs – When it rains very heavily, debris such as dirt and leaves can clog an outside drain. Typically, these types of drains can’t deal with large water volumes. As a result, blockages are common.
  • Foreign objects and debris – Hair, soap, fats, and food can build up over time and create a clog between your drainpipe and pipes. At first, they will stem the flow of your water before finally stopping that flow completely. Sanitary items and the use of too much toilet paper are common causes of toilet clogs.
  • Broken pipes – If a pipe breaks, it can collapse and cause a blocked drain. Tree roots, improper installation, and age are some of the typical causes of a broken pipe. You will need a service professional to determine the source of the problem if you have this type of blockage.

Emergency Drain Clearing Services

  • Sewer cleaning – Sewer lines can easily be blocked by debris and tree roots, causing a nightmare when sewage backs up into a home or basement. Jones Services uses the most advanced technology available to clear these particularly stubborn obstructions.
  • Plumbing snake – At Jones Services we have a variety of snake cables and machines that will fit practically every size of drain, so we can perform an inspection and clear any blockage that you may be experiencing.
  • Drain camera/pipeline video inspection – We use this advanced technology to determine the source of particularly troublesome obstructions.

About Jones Services

We have provided services to Orange County & the surrounding areas since 1986, and our results – and the number of loyal and satisfied customers we have – speak for themselves. At Jones Services, we have more than 50 employees who are standing by to meet your plumbing, heating, electrical, air conditioning needs. We have the best service professionals in the tri-state area and we will ensure your job is completed effectively and efficiently, and your home will be treated with respect.