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Hudson Valley's Most Trusted Since 1986.

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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an amazing, energy efficient alternative to a bulky furnace in your home. If your furnace is causing your energy bill to skyrocket, hitting you with continuous repair fees, or proving to be uneconomical in your current home, Jones Services is here to help. We offer a variety of Heat Pump services no matter if you’re a current owner or a prospective owner. Curious of the heat pump options that are offered by Jones Services? We offer:

Heat Pump Installation and Replacement

One of the biggest advantages of heat pumps over a standard heating ventilating and cooling systems is that there’s no need to install separate systems to heat and cool your home. This means that heat pumps can be added to your existing heating or cooling system to create a ‘hybrid system’ that enhances your energy efficiency by enabling to switching your home’s fuel source back and forth between gas and electric depending on the need.

Air source heat pumps are the most common type. This device takes the heat in the air outside your home and pumps it through refrigerant-filled coils, much like the ones on the back of your fridge. The heat pump itself consists of two fans, a heat exchanger, a compressor and a reversing valve. This reversing valve is key to the device’s versatility. The pump absorbs heat from your home or office and pushes it through the device to the outdoor side of the unit where the warm air is released. The pump will continue this process until the interior of the building is comfortable and warm.

Although air source heat pumps are by far the most common, ground source heat pumps can also be very potent in the right environment. Ground source heat pumps absorb heat from the ground itself or from an underground body of water. The pump absorbs heat directly from the ground via a system of buried pipes usually filled with water.

Depending on how the heat pump is packaged, different models will work better for different building types. For instance, many commercial buildings install a heat pump packaged in a single casing on the roof with the ductwork entering the building through the wall. On the other hand, home heat pumps are usually most effective in a split system with an outdoor and an indoor component installed through the wall.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps should function seamlessly, so if you notice any of the following issues, it is best to contact one of our professionals right away.  Seemingly small problems can quickly grow to larger (and more expensive) ones, so it makes sense to deal with the problem immediately.

Common problems with your heat pump may include things such as:

  • Increased noise levels: Heat pumps are usually very quiet, so any type of noise is a definite warning sign of a larger issue.
  • No heat or low heat: The primary function of a heat pump is to absorb, transfer, and produce hot or cool air.  If your heat pump is not emitting heat, there could be trouble the power supply, igniter, or thermostat.
  • Air pressure fluctuations: Heat pump air pressure should be nothing but consistent and reliable.  Signs of air pressure fluctuations may be caused by any number of problems and should be taken seriously.
  • Frozen pump: Your pump should never freeze or contain frost build-up.  Frozen heat pumps should be immediately defrosted and cleaned.

In the event of a heat pump problem or failure, we always recommend contacting a professional sooner rather than later.  At Jones Air Conditioning, our job is to immediately repair the root of the problem in the most cost-effective way possible.  We know that guesswork and estimation do no one any good and so we make it our business to provide professional service and fixed rates to turn any potential heat pump problems into easy solutions.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Like all heating and cooling equipment, heat pumps get a lot of use over the course of the year. This heavy use makes regular heat pump service and maintenance a must—annual tune-ups are critical to sustained heat pump performance.

The expert HVAC service professionals at Jones Services are experienced with every make and model of heat pump and have been providing reliable tune-up services since 1986. With maintenance by Jones Services, you will have the confidence of knowing your heat pump will be ready to face the worst weather the coming season has in store.

Benefits of Heat Pump Maintenance include:

  • Repair expenses: Failing to have your heat pump routinely serviced may lead to minor problems becoming serious, which can be expensive to fix. It makes more sense to spend a little money now to address small problems rather than to spend a lot more fixing major problems later.
  • Energy efficiency: A finely tuned heat pump will do wonders for your home energy efficiency rating because they move heat rather than generate heat. Heat pumps can provide equivalent space conditioning at as little as one-quarter of the cost of operating conventional heating or cooling appliances!

Contact Jones Services to let our trained service professionals install, inspect, repair, and if necessary replace your commercial or residential heat pump today.

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