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Heat Pump Tune Up

Like all heating and cooling equipment, heat pumps get a lot of use over the course of the year. This heavy use makes regular heat pump service and maintenance a must—annual tune-ups are critical to sustained heat pump performance.

The expert HVAC service professionals at Jones Services are experienced with every make and model of heat pump and have been providing reliable tune-up services since 1986. With maintenance by Jones Services, you will have the confidence of knowing your heat pump will be ready to face the worst weather the coming season has in store.

Benefits of Heat Pump Service

  • Repair expenses: Failing to have your heat pump routinely serviced may lead to minor problems becoming serious, which can be expensive to fix. It makes more sense to spend a little money now to address small problems rather than to spend a lot more fixing major problems later.
  • Energy efficiency: A finely tuned heat pump will do wonders for your home energy efficiency rating because they move heat rather than generate heat. Heat pumps can provide equivalent space conditioning at as little as one quarter of the cost of operating conventional heating or cooling appliances!

Call Jones Services for All Your Heat Pump Maintenance Needs

At Jones Services, our service professionals will arrive on time and will perform all heat pump maintenance up to code with only top grade material. Service is completed efficiently and all jobs are followed by a thorough clean up. Throughout the process, complete respect is given to your home. Our radio-dispatched trucks are stocked with a wide selection of heat pump maintenance equipment enabling us to provide tune-up service where and when you need it.

If your heat pump hasn’t gotten a professional tune-up this year, don’t wait until it’s too late! Call Jones Service to schedule a maintenance visit today!

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