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Drinking Water Purification Systems

Nothing is more important than your family’s health, of course, and there is no more important thing you can do to help ensure your family’s health than making sure your drinking water is safe. Jones Services carries Water-Right drinking water systems in Orange County, NY that provide sparkling water from the tap.

These systems use the reverse osmosis (RO) process of water purification. In the RO process, a system uses a semi-permeable membrane. Raw, unprocessed water comes through one side of the membrane, and then undergoes pressure that forces it to flow through the membrane. As it makes this passage, impurities are filtered out of the water because they are unable to pass through the membrane. These impurities are then washed down the drain.

Water-Right makes two RO drinking water systems – the Eclipse and the Impression. Here is information on both.

Eclipse RO Drinking Water System in Orange County, NY

Whether you need clean water for drinking or cooking, the Eclipse is small enough to fit. It can be installed under a sink or anywhere else clean water is needed and provides the cleanest, healthiest water possible. It contains multiple filters to clean regular household water to reduce harmful and unwanted contaminants. It also has advanced technology that verifies system performance through a simple-to-use touch monitor.

Impression RO Drinking Water System in Orange County, NY

The Impression Series features a four-stage system the filters water to remove unwanted tastes and odors. As a result, your drinking water tastes great and is much healthier.

Benefits of both the Eclipse and Impression RO drinking water systems include:

    • Healthier, cleaner drinking water
    • Clearer ice cubes
    • Better-tasting meals, sauces and soups
    • Flavorful tea and coffee
    • Cost-effectiveness, because you will no longer need to purchase bottled water

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