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Hudson Valley's Most Trusted Since 1986.

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Boilers are very effective and efficient heating options, and also relatively inexpensive. Getting a boiler installed in your home can not only save you dividends on heating but ensure that your home is set for any cold conditions that mother nature tried to throw at it. While boilers are typically durable, like every other large appliance in your home there will eventually come a time when it needs to be maintained, repaired, or replaced. If that time has come, and you need boiler services, the professionals with Jones Services are here to help. We are familiar with every make and model of boiler and will perform your installation right the first time so you can be assured of years of reliable boiler operation.

Installation and Replacement of Boilers

Whether you’re ready to get a boiler installed in your home or you have an old boiler that needs to go, Jones Services is here to help. Most people pay little attention to their boiler until there’s a problem. If you have these kinds of problems consistently, you should give serious consideration to replacing your unit for the following reasons:

  • Reliability – Older boilers become less reliable, causing your repair bills to quickly pile up. The older a boiler the harder it is, in many cases, to find spare parts. This only adds to the expense.
  • Efficiency – Newer boilers are much more efficient – very likely as much as 35 percent more than the one you have. Down the road, an advanced boiler will slash your heating costs substantially. Based on the money you save on fuel costs, an advanced system can pay for itself in as little as two years.
  • Safety – Most boilers, regardless of age, are typically quite safe. However, a traditional boiler’s combustion chamber and flue system need a fresh supply of combustion air. If there’s a problem, that boiler can pose a danger to the room in which it is located. Advanced boilers, on the other hand, have all of their equipment enclosed within the boiler cabinet, thus substantially reducing any potential risks.

Boiler Repair

We will get your boiler fixed fast so you and your family can go back to enjoying the warmth and comfort of your home. Our radio-dispatched trucks are always stocked with a wide selection of repair parts, tools, and equipment, enabling us to provide emergency boiler repair service. At Jones Services, we know how much you depend on your home’s ability to weather those harsh winter frosts. So when your boiler fails, make sure you also depend on the best heating service professionals in the business to restore warmth and comfort to your home.

All Jones trucks are stocked with the most popular boiler parts and equipment so we can help you solve any boiler or heating system problem you can throw at us. We fix the following boiler components:

  • Combination pressure gauge: Regulates internal water temperature and pressure.
  • Gas valve and burners: Combustion assembly responsible for heating the water tank.
  • Pressure reducing valve: Automatically sustains proper water pressure.
  • Aquastat: Thermostat that controls the boiler’s temperature.
  • Air vent: Automatically flushes unwanted air from the boiler unit.
  • Water feed valve: Controls water flow.
  • Expansion tank: Enables the water to expand as it heats up inside the boiler.
  • Pressure relief valve: Relieves high water pressure.
  • Flow control valve: Manages the flow of hot water through the boiler.
  • Drain valve: Allows water to drain from the unit casing.
  • Circulator: Electric pump that propels water through the system.

Boiler Maintenance

When a boiler is not properly checked regularly, that can adversely affect its performance and lead to wasted energy and higher energy bills. Even a small adjustment to your boiler system can result in a savings of 10 percent on your bills – potentially hundreds of dollars a year.

All types of boilers have their own unique maintenance needs. Oil-fired boilers, for example, need inspections more frequently than others. The typical maintenance program we provide at Jones Services includes:

  • Checking the fuel system for leaks, controls, and proper operation
  • Examining the combustion system for signs of overheating and exhaust leaks
  • Checking the heating system for zone balancing, uneven heating, and leaks
  • Making sure the circulator pump runs quietly
  • Making sure the gauges are accurate
  • Checking the pressure of your expansion tank
  • Making sure the water inside the system is clean
  • Making sure all safety devices (pressure relief valves, pressure, and temperature controls, low water-sensing devices, etc.) are functioning properly

Don’t freeze up before the cold weather comes … call Jones Services regarding any needs regarding boilers and get warm again!

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