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Air Filters in Middletown, Newburgh and Goshen

Why spend hours in a retail store? You can order filters for your furnace, AC, and air quality devices from Home!

Introducing a Better Way to Buy Filter Replacements

To keep your home comfortable and your indoor air clean, you’ll need to routinely change your filters. Making those regular filter swaps will:

  • Improve the Efficiency of Your Air and Temperature Control Devices
  • Keep Your Air Fresh and Free of Contaminants
  • Reduce the Size of Your Heating and Cooling Bills

order-button For better efficiency, quality, and affordability, it’s critical not to skip a filter replacement on your HVAC or air cleaning systems!

However, homeowners know that it can be a huge hassle trying to find the specific filters that you need at a local hardware store. Even if you drive out to a larger home center franchise and look for your filters there, it’s a pain to figure out what you need, much less find the right size at the right cost. Well, not anymore!

Now you can simply go to FilterFetch.com, the one-stop-shopping site for all of your filter replacement needs. Don’t waste time in retail centers: at FilterFetch.com, you can order your filters online and have them shipped straight to your home.

The filters are categorized by manufacturer and maker, so you can find what you need in no time at all! Better yet, once you find your filter replacements the first time, you’ll be given a product code that you can save for future reference. Each time you need new filters, just enter that product code and they can be on their way to your house in no time at all!

Make sure you have your 7 or 8 digit filter code handy or if you don’t have it, call 1-800-294-1010 for assistance.


For added convenience, register for the FilterFetch email reminder, a service that alerts you automatically when your filters need to be changed.

How do I change my filter?

If it’s your first time trying to replace your filters on your own, don’t worry: it’s easier than you’d think! Your first step is to turn off your power system. The old filter will be located in the return air duct — once you find it, you’ll have to remove it. Luckily, most newer model filters can be easily slid in and swapped out.  Follow your manufacturer’s guidelines!

When in doubt, you can always have a Jones Services professional help you with your next service call. New filters will dramatically improve the air quality in your home, alleviate allergies, and improve your home’s efficiency. And now you can get replacements hassle-free! Visit FilterFetch online today.


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