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Changing Your Air Filters Before The Winter

Air filters should be changed every season in preparation for the month ahead! Seeing that the winter brings the harsh winds and bone-chilling snow, we often like to snuggle up inside with our furnaces cranked. This appliance is the lifeline and most used appliance during this time of year. HVAC systems can be improved during this season with a few small measures.

If you do use your furnace often, the air filter is the component that determines whether or not your system will work effectively. The filter itself is crucial.


Furnaces only function when properly cleaned and unclogged. To gain the most of your heating system this winter, consider replacing your filter every three months in order to ensure that your furnace works effectively.

Air Filters Energy Costs

If you notice a spike or increase in your energy bills during the winter, that is fairly normal as the furnace itself is being used more than in previous seasons. However, with dirty and contaminated filters could make your furnace work even harder than it already is. If you want to create lower energy bills during the winter, then change your filter!

Increase Your Air Filter System’s Lifespan

The most common reason a heating and air conditioning system breaks down is because of a dirty filter. As dirt accumulates, air can’t pass, or worse, the system overheats. The motor then has to work harder. In a best-case scenario, your unit will need to be repaired. In the worst case, not replacing filters could put it over the edge and require you to buy a new one. Replacing the filter is an easy way to lengthen the life of your heating system.

Improved Air Quality

A clean and new filter will increase the air quality within your home during the winter. In addition, the threat of allergens is still present during the time of winter. These filters act as a means of catching these allergens and preventing further outbreaks within your home. Those who are afflicted with asthma will appreciate having clean air inside your home.

Less Stress This Winter

Replacing your filter is an easy, inexpensive step to take to save money, extend the life of your system and improve your indoor air quality. It also decreases the amount of energy your family uses.

When shopping, look at the MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value) number, which ranges from 1 to 12. The higher the number, the better the filtration is.

In addition to changing your filter every month, it’s important to get an HVAC tuneup and regular maintenance at the start of the winter season. A licensed HVAC professional will check electrical connections, examine the unit for fire hazards, make sure the unit is free of carbon monoxide, examine and calibrate the thermostat and make sure the system is in shape to work hard for the cold winter ahead.

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