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9 Signs You Should Call for Sewer Repair in New York

When it comes to your plumbing, there’s more to it than the pipes that deliver water to your house. The drains in your plumbing lead to a sewer line that safely takes sewer water away. Like the rest of your plumbing, the sewer line can get damaged and leak. Sewer problems can be a major concern, as they can result in burst pipes, water damage, and even sewage backups. At Jones Service, we want to help you recognize when you should call for a sewer repair for your New York home.

Here are nine signs you should call us for sewer repair work in your New York home:


Pooled septic water

It’s rarely a good sign when you find water in your home where it shouldn’t be. It’s even worse when the water has a distinct stench of sewage. Sewer lines in need of repair can leak dirty water, resulting in pools of gross water forming in your yard or house.


Unpleasant smells

Sewer pipes are designed to be airtight so sewage and its smells can’t leak out. However, even the slightest crack can result in the smell of sewage around your home. In addition, if the sewer lines and drains get clogged, you might be able to smell sewage wafting up the drains. Jones Services can help you quickly identify where the problem is and clear it up.


Slow drains

When your drains are being inefficient, there are a couple of reasons they’re slowing down. When only a few of your home’s drains are acting up, you likely just have a clogged pipe. However, house-wide drain issues are a sign of something deeper in the sewer line. Common sources of damage to the sewer pipe include tree roots, cracked piping, and flushed objects stuck in the pipe.


Low water pressure

Your sewer system may be how water drains, but damage to it can still affect your plumbing as a whole. In general, the plumbing system is sensitive to anything that can affect water pressure. Even the slightest bit of damage or blockage in the pipes can reduce the pressure. Damaged sewer lines are a possible reason your home’s water isn’t working as well. If your water pressure is weak, call us and we can help you find and fix the cause.


Animals attracted to your yard

You may not like the smell of sewage, but some animals are rather fond of it. Mice and other rodents are often attracted to the smell of sewage emanating from your damaged pipes. In addition, various insects like to use stagnant pools of water and sewage as breeding grounds.


Damaged foundation

Damage to your home’s foundation is a serious problem that can be caused by sewer damage. When left alone for too long, damaged sewer lines can wind up causing structural damage to your home. In extreme cases, you may even see sinkholes on your property and cracks in the foundation. Fortunately, you’re unlikely to see any of this if you’re diligent about keeping your plumbing in good shape. Still, you should always call for a professional if you notice your foundation is cracked.


Overly green lawn

A very green lawn isn’t always the result of good lawn care. When sewage gets into your soil, it can fertilize the grass, making it greener. However, the sewage fertilizer is a double-edged sword for your lawn. The grass will look nice at first, but the bacteria in the sewage will eventually wind up killing the grass.


Heightened water bills

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your utility bills so you can catch any unexpected increases. When your pipes leak, the water draining from there causes an increase in water bills. If you notice your water bills increasing for no reason you can think of, that’s usually a sign some of your pipes need fixing.


Noisy pipes

It’s not uncommon for water to make a bit of noise as it runs through your pipes. However, louder gurgling noises when water isn’t running are a cause for concern. Oftentimes, this is caused by air trapped in the pipes, which often means there’s a clog in the pipes.


Why should I choose Jones Services to keep my sewers healthy?

Jones Services has been the most trusted service in the tri-state area since 1986 thanks to our highly-trained team of professionals who can handle any of your heating, cooling, and electrical needs. Friendly, personable customer service is our top priority and we aim to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our work. Our team of professionals are certified, highly-trained, and simply the best in the area! We also offer upfront pricing and quick same-day service so your needs are met immediately! Call Jones Services today to get sewer repair for your New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania home!

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