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6 Benefits of a Water Softener in New York

Water softeners are mechanical devices that attach to plumbing systems to filter out minerals like magnesium and dissolved calcium. While not as comprehensive at filtering as actual water filters, they’re still very important at preventing hard water. The minerals water softeners filter out can make water “hard,” resulting in issues like rusted pipes and clogs. However, softer water isn’t the only reason you should get a water softener for your New York home.

Here are six benefits you stand to gain by getting a water softener for your New York home:


Use less soap

You might know that cleaning yourself with hard water can cause dry skin and hair. However, hard water also makes cleaning harder by interfering with any shampoos and soaps you use by making it harder to make it lather. Using soft water can cause you to use about 75% less shampoo and soap, indirectly saving you money.


Longer-lasting appliances and pipes

A big problem with hard water is how it promotes rusting in anything conductive to electricity, like metal. It can also build un in pipes and appliances, resulting in clogging issues and potentially ruining them. Also, hard water can create soap scum on any hard surfaces it touches and scrubbing it off can hurt appliances even more. Softening the water can help protect against all of these issues and keep your appliances healthy.


Softer and brighter clothes

When you use hard water to wash clothes, the minerals in the water can get caught on the fabrics. This can make clothes stiff, fade their colors, and even damage the fabric. Using soft water can help your clothes last longer and look nicer. This is yet another way a water softener can help you save money.


Easy plant watering

Water softeners are capable of dealing with more than hard water minerals. If you own a garden, you might know that there are certain chemicals that you don’t want in the water you use for your plants. One of these chemicals is chlorine, which is often used to treat water and kill off bacteria. If you want to water with chlorinated water, you have to let it sit for half an hour in an open container so the chlorine drifts out. Water softeners can take out the chlorine, removing the long wait to water your flowers.


Lower energy bills

Almost every appliance in your home benefits from using soft water. A good example of this is your water heater. Hard water is capable of clogging pipes with limescale, scratching up surfaces, or making heat transfer harder. Because of how problematic mineral build-ups can be for your water heater, a water softener can help it a lot. Since you likely use plenty of hot water every day, hot water is a big part of your energy bills. Improving your water heater’s efficiency is a surefire way to reduce your heating bills.


Environmental benefits

The environmental benefits of a water softener tie into having lower energy bills. Efficient appliances use less water and energy to do their jobs to the best of their ability. As a result, you’ll pay less for water and energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and save water and energy for others.


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