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5 Benefits of a Water Heater Flush in New York

Maintaining a water heater’s tank is something that owners often forget about until a problem blindsides them. Oftentimes, a reason these problems show up is because homeowners fail to regularly flush the water heater’s tank. Many water heater specialists (like ourselves, one of the best in New York) suggest performing a water heater flush every six months or year. By properly maintaining your water heater this way, you can get a good deal of benefits for your diligence.

Here are five benefits of performing a monthly water heater flush in New York:


Less noise

The main reason to flush out your water heater tank is to get rid of scale and sediment that builds up in the tank. When all of this stuff is in your tank, it can make popping and crackling noises that can be concerning for homeowners. Flushing out the tank gets rid of the sediment that causes these noises.


Reduced energy bills

Oftentimes, the sediment that accumulates in water heater tanks can block the heating units. This makes it so your water heater has to work harder to produce the same amount of heat. When this happens, your energy bills can increase. Preventing this blockage by flushing your tank can keep your energy bills stable.


Extended water heater life

Another side effect of a less efficient water heater (see above) is that working hard puts a strain on your equipment. When this happens, your equipment will wear out quicker and need to be replaced sooner. By keeping your tank free of sediment, you can keep your water heater working and avoid having to buy a replacement sooner than you want.


Avoid corrosion

A nasty effect of all that sediment buildup is that it damages the inside of the tank. Over time, the buildup weakens the inside and can cause an early tank failure if left unchecked. In fact, going several years between tank flushes can cause a leak as the sediment, which is plugging a hole it caused, gets flushed out. By regularly flushing your water tank, you can avoid a disastrous break.


Ensure warranty protection

A final benefit of flushing your tank is to help protect it under your manufacturer’s warranty. Depending on where you got it from, your warranty may not apply if your water heater failed due to scale/sediment-induced failure. Regularly flushing your tank can help rule out a potential cause of failure that would prevent you from getting reimbursement.


What makes Jones Services a local expert on water heaters?

Jones Plumbing has provided water heater repair and installation services to the New York area for more than 30 years. Our highly-trained service professionals are experts with all water heater models and can fix your water heater safely and efficiently. We’re so confident in our affordable prices that if you find a lower price somewhere else, we’ll refund the difference plus $50, so you can’t lose when you choose Jones Services. Call us today to learn more about our water heater services!

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